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Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren
This woman wrote way too many books.

The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking  

Pippi Longstocking1945:
Pippi Goes on Board 1946
Pippi in the South Seas 1948:

1950: Pippi's After Christmas Party
1971: Pippi on the Run
2001: Pippi Longstocking in the Park

Bill Bergson
Bill Bergson, Master Detective (1946)
Bill Bergson and the White Rose Rescue (1953)
Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously (1954)

Karlsson-on-the-roof (1955)
Eric and Karlsson-on-the-Roof (1958)
Karlsson Flies Again (1962)
Karlsson-on-the-roof is Sneaking Around Again (1968)

Children's Everywhere
Noriko-San: Girl of Japan (1956)
My Swedish Cousins (1959)
Sia lives on Kilimanjaro (1959)
Circus Child (1960)
Marko Lives in Yugoslavia (1963)
Gerda Lives in Norway (1966)
Noy lives in Thailand (1967)
Matti Lives in Finland (1968)
Dirk Lives in Holland (1971)

Kati in Italy (1962)
Kati in America (1964)
Kati in Paris (1965)

The Six Bullerby Children (1963)
Christmas at Bullerby (1964)
Happy Days at Bullerby (1965)
Day at Bullerby (1967)
All About the Bullerby Children (omnibus) (1970)
Springtime at Bullerby (1981)
Cherry Time at Bullerby (1991)

Emil in the Soup Tureen (1963)
Emil's Pranks (1966)
Emil and Piggy Beast (1970)
Emil and His Clever Pig (1975)
Emil and the Bad Tooth (1976)
Emil Gets into Mischief (1979)
That Emil (1980)
Emil's Little Sister (1985)
Emil's Sticky Problem (1986)

Lotta Leaves Home (1969)
The Mischievous Martens (1969)
Lotta (1972)
Lotta's Bike (1973)
Lotta's Christmas Surprise (1978)
     aka Of Course Polly Can Do Almost Everything
The Mischievous Martens / Lotta Leaves Home (omnibus) (1982)
Lotta on Troublemaker Street (1991)

Mardie to the Rescue (1976)
Mardie (1979)
Mardie's Adventures (1993)

Confidences of Britt-Mari (1944)
Kerstin and I (1945)
The Children of Noisy Village (1947)
Happy Times in Noisy Village (1949)
Mio, My Son (1954)
Rasmus and the Vagabond (1956)
     aka Rasmus And the Tramp
The Children on Troublemaker Street (1958)
Mischievous Meg (1960)
Seacrow Island (1964)
The Brothers Lionheart (1973)
The World's Best Karlson (1980)
Ronia, the Robber's Daughter (1981)
The Ghost of Skinny Jack (1986)

Fairy Tales: A Collection (1987)

Picture Books
Brenda Brave (1950)
The Tomten (1961)
Christmas in the Stable (1962)
Simon Small Moves in (1965)
The Fox and the Tomten (1966)
Brenda Helps Grandmother (1966)
Skrallan and the Pirates (1967)
Scrap and the Pirates (1968)
Of Course Polly Can Ride a Bike (1972)
My Very Own Sister (1974)
That's My Baby (1979)
I Want to Go to School Too (1980)
I Want a Brother or Sister (1981)
My Nightingale Is Singing (1984)
The Runaway Sleigh Ride (1984)
Dragon with Red Eyes (1986)
The Tomten and the Fox (1986)
Springtime in Noisy Village (1988)
A Calf for Christmas (1989)
Christmas in Noisy Village (1999)
The Red Bird (2005)

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