Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Classics Redone

Classics Redone

The Further Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1983), a novel which continues Huck's adventures after he "lights out for the Territory" at the end of Mark Twain's novel, by Greg Matthews.

Finn: A Novel (2007), a novel about Huck's father, Pap Finn, by Jon Clinch.

My Jim (2005), a novel narrated largely by Sadie, Jim's enslaved wife, by Nancy Rawles.

The Tom Sawyer Fires (1984) A novel by Laurence Yep

The Mark Twain Murders
Novel by Laurence Yep 1982

The Mark Twain Murders (Beth Austin, book 1)
Novel by Edith Skom 1989

Mississippi Pilot
With Mark Twain on the Great River Novel by Phil Stong 1954

Mark Twain
1. Death on the Mississippi (1995)
2. A Connecticut Yankee in Criminal Court (1996)
3. The Prince and the Prosecutor (1997)
4. The Guilty Abroad (1999)
5. The Mysterious Strangler (2000)
6. Tom's Lawyer (2001)

Beth Austin
1. The Mark Twain Murders (1989)
2. The George Eliot Murders (1995)
3. The Charles Dickens Murders (1998)

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