Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Main Series
1.Tarzan of the Apes (1912)
2.The Return of Tarzan (1913)
3.The Beasts of Tarzan (1914)
4.The Son of Tarzan (1914)
5.Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar (1916)
6.Jungle Tales of Tarzan (1919)
"Tarzan's First Love" (1916)
"The Capture of Tarzan" (1916)
"The Fight for the Balu" (1916)
"The God of Tarzan" (1916)
"Tarzan and the Black Boy" (1917)
"The Witch-Doctor Seeks Vengeance" (1917)
"The End of Bukawai" (1917)
"The Lion" (1917)
"The Nightmare" (1917)
"The Battle for Teeka" (1917)
"A Jungle Joke" (1917)
"Tarzan Rescues the Moon" (1917)
7.Tarzan the Untamed (1920)
"Tarzan and the Huns" (1919)
"Tarzan and the Valley of Luna" (1920)
8.Tarzan the Terrible (1921)

A Princess of Mars (1912)
The Gods of Mars (1914)
The Warlord of Mars (1918)
Thuvia, Maid of Mars (1920)
The Chessmen of Mars (1922)

At the Earth's Core (1914)

Caspak series
The Land That Time Forgot (1918)
The People That Time Forgot (1918)
Out of Time’s Abyss (1918)

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