Sunday, August 15, 2010

Poplar Sereis I'm not Farmilar With

Classic Fantasy Series Started in the 30's (or close to it)

Norman Hunter
Professor Branestawm
The Incredible Adventures of Professor Branestawm (1933)
Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt (1937)
Stories of Professor Branestawm (1939)
The Peculiar Triumph of Professor Branestawm (1970)
Professor Branestawm up the Pole (1972)
Professor Branestawm's Dictionary, (1973)
Professor Branestawm's Great Revolution (1974)
Professor Branestawm’s do-it-yourself handbook, (1974)
Professor Branestawm 'Round the Bend (1977)
Professor Branestawm's Perilous Pudding (1979)
Professor Branestawm’s compendium of conundrums, riddles, puzzles, brain twiddlers and dotty descriptions, Bodley Head (1975)
The Best of Branestawm (1980)
Professor Branestawm and the Wild Letters (1981)
Professor Branestawm's Pocket Motor Car (1981)
Professor Branestawm's Mouse War (1982)
Professor Branestawm's Building Bust-Up, (1982)
Professor Branestawm's Crunchy Crockery (1983)
Professor Branestawm's Hair-Raising Idea (1983)
Larky Legends (1938), republished as The Dribblesome Teapots and Other Incredible Stories (1973)
Dust Up At the Royal Disco: And Other Stories (1975)
The Frantic Phantom (1976)

Barbara Todd
She has a lot of good sounding titles that no longer seemed to be published in the states and are not easily available at your local library. But here is the list anyway of her most popular creation and al lthe books you would find in the series if you had bought it when it was first published or if they wish to publish it again.
Worzel Gummidge (1936 – 1963)
Worzel Gummidge
1. Worzel Gummidge (1936)
2. Worzel Gummidge Again (1937)
3. More About Worzel Gummidge (1938)
4. Worzel Gummidge and Saucy Nancy (1947)
5. Worzel Gummudge Takes A Holiday (1949)
6. Earthy Mangold and Worzel Gummidge (1954)
7. Worzel Gummidge and the Railway Scarecrows (1955)
8. Worzel Gummidge At The Circus (1956)
9. Worzel Gummidge and the Treasure Ship (1958)
10. Detective Worzel Gummidge (1963)

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