Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Other books of Fantasy

Alison Utley
A Country Child - 1931
A Traveler in Time (1939)
Also Wrote Little Grey Rabbit, and Sam Pig Series

Eric Linklater
Wind on the moon (1944)
The Pirates in the Deep Green Sea (1949) (Hard to Find)

Ted Hughes
Nessie the Mannerless Monster (1964)
The Iron Man: A Story in Five Nights (1968)
How the Whale Became: And Other Stories (1963)
The Iron Woman (1993)

Russell Hoban
The Mouse and His Child (1967)
The Battle of Zormla (1982)
Pilgermann (1983)
The Medusa Frequency (1987)

Paul Biegel,.
The king of the copper mountains 1969
The little captain 1971
The gardens of Dorr 1975

Christine Nöstlinger
The Cucumber King, 1975
Fly away Home 1975)
Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy, 1976)

Florence Parry Heide
Adventures of Treehorn
1. The Shrinking of Treehorn (1971)
2. Treehorn's Treasure (1981)
3. Treehorn's Wish (1984)

Humphrey Carpenter
Mr Majeika (1986 -2006)

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