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Classic PD Reading List

Best Classics


Daniel Defoe (English)
Robinson Crusoe (1719)

Jane Austin (English)
Sense and Sensibility (1811)
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Emma (1815)

Sir Walter Scott (Scottish)
Ivanhoe (1819)

James Fenimore Cooper (American)
The Last of the Mohicans (1826)

Victor Hugo (French)
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame Hugo (1831)
Les Misérables (1862)

Fyodor Dostoevsky (Russian)
The Brothers Karamazov (1880)

Nathaniel Hawthorne (American)
The House of the Seven Gables (1851)

Herman Melville (American)
Moby-Dick; or, The Whale (1851)
Billy Budd, Sailor (An Inside Narrative) [Published Posthumously, Not in PD] (1924)

Stephen Crane (American)
The Red Badge of Courage (1895)

O. Henry (William Sydney Porter (1862 –1910)
G.K. Chesterton (29 May 1874 – 14 June 1936)

Charles Dickens
The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (1837)
A Tale of Two Cities (1859)

P. G. Wodehouse
My Man Jeeves (1919)

Mark Twain
Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc (1886)

Complete Short Stories of Mark Twain
The Best Short Stories of Mark Twain (Modern Library Classics) by Mark Twain

Fantasy Foundations
The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales
Andrew Lang Fairy Books
American Folk Tales
Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy
Thousand and One Nights
Greek Myths
Padraic Colum
The Complete Tales of Uncle Remus by Joel Chandler Harris (1845 –1908)
The Complete Tales Beatrix Potter (1866 –1943)
The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1785) Rudolph Erich Raspe (1737 - 1794)
The Happy Prince and Other Tales (1888) Oscar Wilde
•Darby O'Gill and the Good People (1903) Herminie Templeton Kavanagh

The dangerous book of heroes / Conn Iggulden and David Iggulden.2009.

Classics to Read Aloud to Your Children: Selections from Shakespeare, Twain, Dickens, O.Henry, London, Longfellow, Irving Aesop, Homer, Cervantes, Hawthorne, and More
1992 by Crown Publishing Group (first published 1984)

Classic Myths to Read Aloud: The Great Stories of Greek and Roman Mythology, Specially Arranged for Children Five... by William F. Russell (Oct 27, 2010)

More Classics To Read Aloud To Your Children by William F. Russell (Apr 27, 2011)

Howard Pyle
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood (1883)

Round Table
1. The Story of King Arthur and His Knights (1903)
2. The Story of the Champions of the Round Table (1905)
3. The Story of Lancelot and His Companions (1907)
4. The Story of the Grail and the Passing of Arthur (1910)

Classic Kid’s Non-Fantasy
Charles Dickens
The Adventures of Oliver Twist (1838)
The Children Of Dickens (2005) Samuel McChord Crothers

Thomas Hughes
Tom Brown's Schooldays (1857)

Mary Mapes Dodge
Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates (1865)

Sarah Chauncey Woolsey
What Katy Did (1872)

Anna Sewell
Black Beauty (1877)

Johanna Spyri
Heidi (1880)

Louisa May Alcott
Little Women 1880
Little Men (1871)
Jo's Boys (1886).

James Otis Kaler
Toby Tyler or, Ten Weeks with a Circus (1880)

Margaret Sidney
Five Little Peppers and How They Grew (1881)

Kate Wiggin
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1903)

Frances Hodgson Burnett
Little Lord Fauntleroy (1886)
A Little Princess (1905)
The Secret Garden (1911)

Ethel Turner
Seven Little Australians (1894)

Annie Fellows Johnston
The Little Colonel (1895)

Gene Stratton-Porter
A Girl Of The Limberlost, (1909)

Lucy Maud Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables (1908)

Eleanor H. Porter
Pollyanna (1913)

Classic Kid’s Fantasy and Adventure

George MacDonald (10 December 1824 – 18 September 1905
Phantastes (1858)
At the Back of the North Wind (1870)
The Princess and the Goblin (1871)
The Gifts of the Child Christ and Other Tales (1882)
The Princess and Curdie (1882)
The Flight of the Shadow (1891)
Lilith (1895)
The Complete Fairy Tales (1999)

Charles Kingsley (12 June 1819 – 23 January 1875
The Water-Babies (1863)

Lewis Carroll 27 January 1832 – 14 January 1898),

1. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865)
2. Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There (1871)

Mark Twain
Tom and Huck
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1885)
Tom Sawyer Abroad (1894)
Tom Sawyer, Detective (1896)
Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer among the Indians and other unfinished stories

The Prince and the Pauper (1881)

Carlo Collodi (November 24, 1826 – October 26, 1890),
The Adventures of Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet (1883)

Robert Louis Stevenson
Treasure Island (1883)

Robert Ballantyne
The Coral Island (1893)

J. Meade Falkner
Moonfleet (1898)

Kenneth Grahame (1859 - 1932)
Dream Days (1898) Including The Reluctant Dragon

The Wind in the Willows (1908)

James Matthew Barrie (9 May 1860 – 19 June 1937
The Little White Bird; or, Adventures in Kensington Gardens (1902)
Peter Pan (1904)
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens (1906)
When Wendy Grew Up - An Afterthought (1908)
Peter and Wendy (novel) (1911)

Rudyard Kipling 30 December 1865 – 18 January 1936
The Jungle Book (1894)
The Second Jungle Book (1895)
Captains Courageous' (1896)
Kim (1901)
Just So Stories for Little Children (1902)
Puck of Pook's Hill (1906)
Rewards and Fairies (1910)

Margery Williams Bianco (22 July 1881 - 4 September 1944
The Velveteen Rabbit (1922)
The Works of E. Nesbit (16 books) [Illustrated] by E. Nesbit (Aug 16, 2009)

Oz: The Complete Collection (All 14 Oz Books, with Illustrated Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Exclusive Bonus Features... by L. Frank Baum, Maplewood Books and W.W. Denslow (Jul 7, 2014)

Lesser Known Fantasy Authors
James, M. R. (Montague Rhodes) 1862-1936
Laurence Housman (1865 - 1959)

Classic Sci-Fi
Tom Swift by Victor Appleton (1910-1922) 25 Books

Jonathan Swift (Anglo-Irish))
Gulliver's Travels (1726)

Frankenstein (1818) Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

E T A Hoffmann (1776 - 1822)
The Best Tales of Hoffmann (1963)
Tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann (1972)

Washington Irving
The sketch book (1820 )including
-Rip Van Winkle
-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Edgar Allan Poe First collection of stories published (1827)
The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe (1938)

Nathaniel Hawthorne
A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys (1852) including The Golden Touch

Charles Dickens Fantasy
The Christmas Books (2010)
A Christmas Carol (1843)

Jules Verne
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1864)
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1869–1870)
Around the World in Eighty Days (1873)
In Search of the Castaways 1873

Edwin A Abbott (1838 - 1926)
Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884)

Robert Louis Stevenson
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886)

Mark Twain
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1889)

Oscar Wilde
The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)

HG Wells
The Time Machine (1895)*
The Island of Doctor Moreau (1896)*
The Invisible Man (1897)*
The War of the Worlds (1898)
The Complete Short Stories of H. G. Wells (1966)

Bram Stoker
Dracula (1897)

W. W. Jacobs
The Lady of the Barge (1902) including "The Monkey's Paw"

Gaston Leroux
The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1907)
Phantom of the Opera (1911)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Professor Challenger
The Lost World (1912)
The Poison Belt (1913)

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Tarzan (1912-1921) 8 Books
Barsoom (1912) 5 Books
Caspak (1918) 3 Books


Baroness Emmuska Orczy
The Scarlet Pimpernel (1905)

Saavedra Miguel de Cervantes
Don Quixote (1617)

Don Quixote of the Mancha (Everyman's Library Children's Classics)
Judge Judge Parry (Adapter) (1999)

Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe (1719)
The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719)

Captain Singleton (1720)

Jules Verne
The Robinson Crusoe School (1883)

The Swiss Family Robinson

Johann David Wyss
The Original ‘The Swiss Family Robinson ‘ (1812)

Alexandre Dumas
King's Musketeers
The Three Musketeers (1844)
The Man in the Iron Mask (1910)
The Corsican Brothers (1844)
The Count of Monte Cristo (1845)

Catharine Parr Traill
The Canadian Crusoes (1852)

H. Rider Haggard
1.King Solomon's Mines (1885)
2.Allan Quatermain (1887)
3.Allan's Wife (1887) (& More)

Robert Louis Stevenson
Adventures of David Balfour
Kidnapped (1886)
Catriona (1893)

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes: All 4 Novels and 56 Short Stories

Sexton Blake

Edmond Rostand
Cyrano de Bergerac (1897)

Jack London
The Call of the Wild (1903)
The Sea-Wolf (1904)
White Fang (1906)

Short Stories
To Build a Fire" (1902, revised 1908)

Johnston McCulley (1883–1958)
The Curse of Capistrano (1919) with Zorro

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