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Fantasy Studies: Harry Potter

Harry Potter Studies

Connie Neal
What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? (2001)
Wizards, Hobbits, and Harry Potter with Kurt Bruner and Dennis Rainey (2002)
Wizards, Wardrobes and Wookiees: Navigating Good and Evil in Harry Potter, Narnia and Star Wars by (2007)
The Gospel According to Harry Potter: The Spiritual Journey of the World's Greatest Seeker (2008)

Francis Bridger
A Charmed Life: The Spirituality of Potterworld ( 2002)

John Killinger
God, the Devil, and Harry Potter: A Christian Minister's Defense of the Beloved Novels (2002)

John Granger
The Hidden Key to Harry Potter: Understanding the Meaning, Genius, and Popularity of Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter Novels (2002)
Looking for God in Harry Potter(2006)
Who Killed Albus Dumbledore?: What Really Happened in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Six Expert Harry Potter Detectives Examine the Evidence with Joyce Odel, Wendy B. Harte (2006)
Unlocking Harry Potter: Five Keys for the Serious Reader( 2007)
The Deathly Hallows Lectures: The Hogwarts Professor Explains the Final Harry Potter Adventurer (2008)
How Harry Cast His Spell: The Meaning Behind the Mania for J. K. Rowling's Bestselling Books ( 2008)
Harry Potter's Bookshelf: The Great Books behind the Hogwarts Adventures ( 2009)
Hog's Head Conversations: Essays on Harry Potter, Volume 1 with Travis Prinzi, Colin Manlove (2009)

David Colbert
The Hidden Myths in Harry Potter: Spellbinding Map and Book of Secrets with Virginia Allyn (2005)
The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter (revised edition) (2008)

Nancy Carpentier Brown
The Mystery of Harry Potter: A Catholic Family Guide (2007)

Mary Margaret Keaton
Imagining Faith with Kids : Unearthing Seeds of the Gospel in Children’s Stories from Peter Rabbit to Harry Potter

Rowling Revisited: Return Trips to Harry, Fantastic Beasts, Quidditch, & Beedle the Bard By James W. Thomas

Repotting Harry Potter: A Professor's Book-by-Book Guide for the Serious Re-Reader By James W. Thomas

Harry Potter & Imagination: The Way Between Two Worlds
By Travis Prinzi

Sharon Moore
We Love Harry Potter! (1999)

C. N. Manlove
From Alice to Harry Potter: Children's Fantasy in England (2003)

Edmund M. Kern
The Wisdom of Harry Potter: What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us about Moral Choices (2003)

Roger Highfield
The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works (2003)

David Baggett, Shawn E. Klein, and William Irwin
Harry Potter and Philosophy: If Aristotle Ran Hogwarts (2004)

Giselle Liza Anatol
Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture) (2003)

Russell W. Dalton
Faith Journey Through Fantasy Lands: A Christian Dialogue With Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Lord of the Rings by (2003)

Lana A. Whited
The Ivory Tower And Harry Potter: Perspectives On A Literary Phenomenon (2004)

Allan Zola Kronzek and Elizabeth Kronzek
The Sorcerer's Companion: A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter by (2004)

Leah Wilson
Mapping the World of the Sorcerer's Apprentice: An Unauthorized Exploration of the Harry Potter Series (2005)

George W. Beahm, Tim Kirk, and Britton McDaniel
Fact, Fiction, and Folklore in Harry Potter's World: An Unofficial Guide (2005)

Ellie Down (illustrated by Rob Smith)
The unofficial guide to Harry Potter facts and trivia every fan should know! (2005)

Matthew T. Dickerson and David L. O'Hara
From Homer to Harry Potter: A Handbook on Myth and Fantasy 2006)

Tom Morris
If Harry Potter Ran General Electric: Leadership Wisdom from the World of the Wizards( 2006)

Robin S. Rosenberg
The Psychology of Harry Potter: An Unauthorized Examination Of The Boy Who Lived (Psychology of Popular Culture) (2007):

George Beahm
Muggles and Magic: An Unofficial Guide to J.k. Rowling and the Harry Potter Phenomenon (2007)

Neil Mulholland
An Unauthorized Examination of the Boy Who Lived (Psychology of Popular Culture series) (2007)

Erin A. Pyne
A Fandom of Magical Proportions: An Unauthorized History of The Harry Potter Phenomenon (2007)

Nancy Solon Villaluz
Does Harry Potter Tickle Sleeping Dragons? (2008)

Melissa Anelli and J.K. Rowling
Harry, A History: The True Story of a Boy Wizard, His Fans, and Life Inside the Harry Potter Phenomenon (2008)

The Seeker's Guide to Harry Potter by Geo Athena Trevarthen (Feb 19, 2008)

Darby Romeo and Kerin Morataya
Diary of a Harry Potter Addict (2011)

Nancy Ruth Reagin
Harry Potter and History (Wiley Pop Culture and History Series) (2011)

Catherine L. Belcher and Becky Herr Stephenson
Teaching Harry Potter: The Power of Imagination in Multicultural Classrooms (Secondary Education in a Changing World) (Jul 15, 2011)

Rev. Danielle Tumminio
(God and Harry Potter at Yale by 2012)

Travis Prinzi
Harry Potter for Nerds (2012)

The Subversive Harry Potter: Adolescent Rebellion and Containment in the J.K. Rowling Novels by Vandana Saxena (Apr 20, 2012)

Harry Potter and the Bible: The Menace Behind the Magick (And the Bible Series) by Richard Abanes
Fantasy and Your Family: Exploring the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Modern Magick by Richard Abanes (2002)
A Landscape with Dragons: The Battle for Your Child's Mind (1994)
Harry Potter and the Paganization of Culture by Michael O'Brien (2011
Frodo & Harry - Understanding Visual Media and Its Impact on Our Lives by Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder (2006)

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